Stop Shot

Sep. 6th, 2010 10:08 pm
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Title: Stop Shot
Author: [personal profile] legion_of_zelda
Fandom: Supernatural RPS
Rating: Porn
Summary: Answer to [ profile] spnkink_meme prompt: "Wereanimal!Jensen has been on his mating quest since he didn't find his mate within his pack. It's getting to a critical point where Jensen might go feral and claim his mate where ever and when ever he finds him. Jared is Jensen mate and "unfortunately" for both of them Jensen finds him in a packed college bar, at least there's a pool table in the back." Which can be found in all of it's original glory here.

"Dude's staring at you," Chad says, and Jared says, "Mmmhmm."

And keeps ignoring him.

He's got his eyes firmly attached to the ass on little Sandy McCoy as she bends over the pool table at the back of the bar. She's been flirting with him a lot lately, and although Jared hadn't been especially happy to be dragged away from studying for his final on Monday, he's willing to forgive Chad in favor of the view. It's an awesome view, and she's wearing a really short skirt.

"And… no, he's staring at you and it's kind of creepy. Dude."

The sound of Chad's voice finally permeates Jared's concentration and he glances over at Chad, then looks to where Chad's attention is focused. And.

There is a guy staring at him, but Jared kind of forgives him, since he's also stupidly attractive. He's got short, spiky dark blond hair and deep, grassy green eyes and puffy lips that Jared just immediately wants to bite at. He's wearing a dirty gray t-shirt, a short leather jacket, jeans and boots and he doesn't look as if he put too much thought into his wardrobe. If he's out cruising, pretty as he is, he didn't do a very good job of dressing up the package. In fact, he looks a bit wild and desperate and Jared wants to buy him a drink to loosen him up.

He doesn't get a chance because, as soon as their eyes meet, the guy's nostrils flare wildly and he's off like a shot towards Jared, fighting his way through the crowd.

"Do you know him?" Chad yells in his ear over the thud of music and the shouts of the bachelorette party two tables away. Jared swats at him but doesn't break eye contact with Staring Dude.

"No? I don't think so?"

But in a moment, Staring Dude is at their table and all conversation ceases. Mike and Tom have been ignoring them in favor of their own conversation that Jared honestly wants no part of, and Misha and his girlfriend have been making out like crazy. Earlier, Jared had asked why they'd even come if all they were going to do was suck face and Misha had grinned smarmily at him and told him they were looking for a date. But now they're all staring back at Staring Dude and Chad says, "Can we help you?" and then Staring Dude is crawling directly up onto Jared's lap.

Jared makes room, and still hasn't broken eye contact. "Hi," is all he gets out before the guy's mouth is pressed to his and then.

There's something in the way this guy smells, or tastes, or just in the sensation of his fingers against the nape of Jared's neck as he pushes them into Jared's hair that has Jared's whole body shivering and his jaw dropping and his throat rumbling in a groan.

"Woah," says Tom, and Mike pokes the guy in Jared's lap in the arm.

Lap Dude leans back and snarls at them both, his eyes flashing gold and his fingers digging into Jared's skin. Off to the side someone swears and someone else yells "Were!" and all hell breaks loose.

Jared's got a mouth full of tongue again and he doesn't care what's going on around him anymore. His skin is getting itchy and his body is getting hot and Lap Dude is grinding down against his cock, which is really really hard in his jeans and his boxers are going to be drenched soon if something isn't done. This is the hottest thing that's ever happened to him, obviously.

Lap Dude--the Were-- is making these sexy little growling noises as he bites at Jared's lips and Jared is totally distracted by the tang of his own blood and the feel of the Were's skin under his hands when he shoves them under his shirt to notice the bar emptying quickly. It doesn't empty completely--Jared's friends are trying to get his attention and get the two of them separated, and a lot of the partiers decide to stick around and watch the inevitable show. Someone, probably Chad, grabs at the Were's shoulder and then there's a crash and an angry yell.

Jared manages to pull back and look dazedly around him to see what looks like the beginnings of a bar fight and Chad is getting his face pounded by some grungy redneck. Someone crouches down next to Jared's chair, kind face and long, brown hair, and doesn't flinch when the Were snarls at him to back off.

"Hi, I'm Steve."

It's surreal. Jared's heart is beating a million miles a minute, his vision is fuzzy and he can't concentrate at all, and this dude's introducing himself like he's looking to make a new friend.

"This is Jensen," he says, nodding to the Were in Jared's lap who's taken to licking at Jared's neck and mouthing at the joint where it meets his shoulder. "Do you know what's happening?"

The Were bites down roughly and Jared keens embarrassingly and loses what focus he had. His hips jack-knife upwards and his chair tips over. They land on the floor in a heap and the Were growls menacingly at Steve, who's hovering over them now with his hands up in the air. Steve backs up a few steps and the Were drags Jared up to his feet and starts crowding him to the back of the bar. The action has mostly stopped now, and everyone's free to watch them paw over each other and Jared thinks, wow. This is really happening.

And then he's face-down on the pool table and staring at Sandy McCoy from across the felt landscape as his jeans are roughly pulled down.

She's watching them with huge eyes. She's biting her lip and taking deep breaths and--the Were shoves his nose in Jared's ass and is licking at places Jared would never admit to touching, and Jared groans deeply and closes his eyes. The Were's tongue is merciless and wet and Jared is pushing his hips back into the sensation long before he hears himself begging.

"Please," his voice is rough and needy, "Please!"

The Were spits into him and pulls back from his ass, then there's the shuffle of clothing and an awkward silence in the bar before a heavy weight eases onto his back. A rough, dry voice in his ear that doesn't fit at all with the pretty face of his Were says, "'m sorry," before a cock is pressing into him and all the heat in his body runs cold.

There's pain.

Of course there's fucking pain, they're using spit for lube and dear God they're in the middle of a bar and there's a crowd of college kids watching as Jared loses his virginity and any semblance of normality his life is ever likely to have. Every muscle in his body clenches up in panic and the Were behind him howls and slams his hands down on either side of Jared's head. He stops moving, though, and Jared blesses him and the bar and the pool table and Sandy McCoy for small mercies.

After a little while of harsh reality, while Jared catalogues the looks of horror and prurient interest on the faces of his friends and audience, the Were starts purring and nuzzling against him. The Were licks up his spine, leaves little bites on his shoulders, and nuzzles behind his ears to lick and purr and Jared can't help himself. He relaxes under the onslaught, and closes his eyes and focuses on the feeling of their skin rubbing together instead of the feeling of cock in his ass.

He can hear Sandy breathing raggedly and it turns him on again to know that she's watching and that she'll think about this later.

He pushes back against the Were and someone says, "Fuck." It's not a voice he recognizes, and he guesses that more people than Sandy will be thinking about this later. He whines and pushes back again and then the Were is slowly pulling out and pushing back in against him.

Fingers pull his ass apart and a thumb brushes his hole where they're joined and Jared's whole body shivers. He's hot and hard again.

It gets easier the hotter his body gets, when he relaxes and whines and drools onto the felt. He spreads the fingers in his hand out onto the surface of the pool table and humps the polished wood that he's been thrown over until his cock is drooling helplessly along with him. The Were growls, bites his neck again, and pumps his hips until something in Jared is caught against the side of his cock and he howls, from deep in his chest, as he feels pleasure rumble through him deliciously.

Soon they're slamming together noisily, moving the pool table and leaving wet marks where Jared smears against the surface, and Jared doesn't see anything anymore, doesn't feel the presence of stares on him and doesn't hear the soft spoken words of his audience as they gossip about him already. It's so right.

It's so right, and he loves it, and he knows why people do this now, even when the Weres so rarely mate outside of their packs and when they do it's usually a disaster and families cry brainwashing and kidnapping and a million other accusations. Jared feels it, though, inside of him where they're together.

He feels Jensen. He knows him.

It's not love, but he knows that it will be already; that it's inevitable. Jensen's hard inside of him, pulsing and pushing and fucking him raggedly. Desperately.

He knows that Jensen has been looking for him for a long time, and that as surprising and scary as all of this is for Jared, it's wonderful and joyous and fulfilling for Jensen. He knows that Jensen feels his fear and shock the same way that Jared feels Jensen's joy. For a moment, when Jensen stiffens behind him and growls heavily, Jared feels his joy as though it were his own, and then he's coming too against the felt. The world brightens as he stops breathing and then they're both panting and exhausted, pressed together in the back of the bar against the pool table where they're still being watched.

Steve ambles over and guides Sandy to a nearby chair where she sits with a plop, and then he returns and leans over the felt to catch Jared's eye. The grungy redneck hovers menacingly behind him, a bruise on his knuckles where he punched Chad for interfering, and a searching, guarded look on his face.

"Your friends said your name was Jared?" Steve asks, and Jared nods and swallows as Jensen kisses his neck and breathes his name against his skin.

Steve smiles, friendly, and says, "Welcome to the family."

A/N: Maybe I'm just really into this kink meme thing?

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And you should really, really, really, write a sequel to this!!


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