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Title: Spring of Us
Author: [personal profile] legion_of_zelda
Fandom: Supernatural RPS
Rating: Adult (Porn)
Summary: Answer to [livejournal.com profile] take_the_knot meme prompt: "J2 have known each others since they were kids (step brothers could work as well). One of them goes into his first heat and is freaked out by the experience. His parents are out of town and he has no clue how to get suppressants/deal with it. The other comes to see him and quickly finds out what's going on. Luckily, he's an alpha and can help with the problem." Which can be found in all of it's original glory here.

Jensen grabbed at his nose the moment the smell hit him and stumbled backwards out the open door, eyes watering. He stumbled out onto the front porch and sat heavily down on the Padalecki's glossy white swing, fumbling in his pocket with his free hand to find his cell phone.

After a few deep breaths, through his mouth by necessity, Jensen's scrambled brain calmed down enough for him to risk walking to Jared's front door again and pulling the thing firmly closed. It was something of a miracle that the scent hadn't already drawn the attention of half the Alphas in the neighborhood.

Redialing his most recent call, Jensen firmed up his grip on his nose and scowled out at his truck in Jared's driveway.

"Where are you?" Jared asked, not even bothering to say hello.

"On your front porch. Jesus, Jared! You're stinking up the whole block!"

"What? Quit fucking around, Jen. I feel like shit, and you were going to come take care of me," Jared said, whine thick in his voice.

He sounded as though he felt like shit, thought Jensen, but he'd sounded that way an hour ago when he'd called to wake Jensen up to complain. Gerald and Sherry Padalecki had taken a second honeymoon and wouldn't be back for a week, and Jeff and Megan had each fled to their friends' houses for their own vacations. Jared and Jensen had tried to work it out so that Jared could come and stay with the Ackleses, but Jensen's house was full with family due to Josh's wedding that weekend.

Still, they'd agreed to make time for each other and Jensen would rather be anywhere than at home listening to his Aunt tell him that he was turning into an awfully good looking Alpha, and when did he plan to find himself a mate. She hadn't even slowed down her nagging for Josh's wedding.

So when Jared had called that morning to call off their Halo game on account of sickness, Jensen hadn't thought long about it before offering to bring his mom's chicken soup and his own sympathy over. Only Jared hadn't mentioned the specifics of his illness.

"I'm just going to stay out here and stand guard while you call your parents, which you should have done the minute you started feeling like this, Jared." Jensen said, and glared up and down the empty street.

"Jensen." Jared said, voice still thick with sleep, "Speak English. What the hell?"

"You're not sick, Jared," Jensen couldn't believe he had to explain this to Jared, "You’re in heat."

The stark silence on the other end of the line was not comforting to Jensen at all.

Finally, Jared spoke, "that's impossible."

"Uh, it's a fact, Jared. If I," Jensen moved his fingers and took a delicate sniff before squeezing his nose closed again, "yeah. Unless someone else is in your house?"

"No," Jared sounded miserable. "I'm alone. But I don't smell anything!"

"Did you even go to Sex Ed?" Jensen asked, and then shook his head, "Never mind, you sat right next to me, so I know you did. Of course you can't smell it, Jared. You're putting it off to draw in Alphas."

"I can't be." Jared sounded absolutely miserable, and Jensen shifted and frowned a little in sympathy.

"What's going on, Jared?" Jensen didn't believe for a moment that Jared didn't actually know what was happening, no matter how confused he might be by his fever.

"I don't." Jared stuttered, and Jensen could hear him struggling out of his bed through the phone. "I don't know what to do. I didn't expect this."

Neither had Jensen, to be honest. They'd known each other for a long time; had actually grown up together and spent many of their formative years planning out how their lives would go. None of their plans allowed for Jared turning out Omega. In fact, Jensen had always been the skinny, lean one of the two, and if he'd had to pick? Well, he wouldn't have picked Jared, who'd always been taller and more athletic.

But looking back now, Jensen could see how Jared's sensitive nature should have been a sign of things to come. Jensen going Alpha hadn't been a surprise at all, considering how protective he'd always been of his friends and family, but Jared was an obvious nurturer.

Today, though, Jared needed a little nurturing himself.

"It's going to be fine, Jared," Jensen said, "It wouldn't be this way if it weren't meant to be this way."

"There aren't even any male Omega in my family," Jared complained, sounding more clear headed as he moved about inside the house, "I thought it was genetic."

"So maybe you just don't know about it. Look, you need to call your parents. I'll stay here until they come, but I can't come inside, Jared."

Jared groaned pathetically, and Jensen shifted uncomfortably at the noise. "I can't ruin their second honeymoon! They've been saving up for this for years."

Gerald and Sherri had gone on a Caribbean cruise, anyway, so the chances of reaching them were slim to none.

"Alright. I'll call my mom, and see if she can bring over some, um," Jensen ground to a stop, uncomfortable.


This really wasn't the sort of thing they talked about.

"Okay, and you look around in there and see if you can find something. Are you okay if I hang up now?"

Jared huffed out a laugh, "Yes. Thanks, Jensen."

Jensen disconnected the call with a grin, fingers still firmly pressed to his nose.

* * *

Hanging up for the tenth time, Jensen grit his teeth and sighed melodramatically. Obviously, things at his house were getting too busy to spare someone to answer the phone, and his mother's cell phone was turned off. He could only hope that Jared had found something inside to suppress his heat.

His phone rang in his hand before he could start to dial and he answered without checking the caller ID. "Hello?"

"Jensen," Jared panted, "Please tell me you found something?"

With a sinking feeling in his stomach, Jensen took another long look around the neighborhood. The good news, apparently, was that so far Jared's scent hadn't drawn any wayward Alphas to the house. The bad news was that, without suppressants, there was no telling how long that would last. With neither of them able to get a hold of their parents, they might only have one option left.

"I guess that means you didn't find anything either."

"Oh God," Jared said, agitated and beginning to panic. "What the hell, Jen. What am I gonna do?"

Jensen ran his free hand through his hair and clutched at his phone in sympathy for his friend. "Calm down, Jared. It'll be okay."

"You have to go, Jen. You've gotta go to the drug store and get something for me."

"I can't do that," Jensen said. He couldn't. He couldn't leave Jared alone here to deal with whatever, or whoever, came along. He had to help Jared. "Lock the back door, Jared. I'm coming in."

"I already locked it. The front door, too. You're coming in?"

"Yeah," Jensen said, "I'm gonna help you."

The front door clicked open and Jensen looked over to see Jared squeeze his face into the opening, clutching his phone tightly to his face. The smell hit Jensen just in time for him to realize he wasn't plugging his nose anymore.

It was an earthy, sweet scent that flooded Jensen's senses quickly and clouded his vision. He didn’t know how long he’d been smelling it, but he was far enough gone that, even if he’d had a way out of this, he wouldn’t have chosen to let Jared be. "Hey."

Jared smiled weakly at him and stepped back into the dark house, leaving the front door standing open for Jensen to squeeze through. Once inside, Jensen hung up his phone and stared at his best friend for a while. Jared’s hair was plastered with sweat to his forehead, the heat obviously manifesting in a fever that had caused the teen to mistake his symptoms for the flu. Jared looked tired, his eyes dark and shadowed and he sagged where he stood and clutched his phone loosely in hand.

He looked miserable, and Jensen stepped forward and wrapped him up in his arms. Jared tensed at the sharp movement before his smell softened and he burrowed into Jensen and hummed contentedly.

The feel of him in Jensen’s arms was intoxicating. Jensen had never touched an Omega before, and even disheveled and in his heat fever Jared was a beautiful one. He smelled delicious. The noises of contentment he was making had Jensen hugging him tightly. His hair seemed shinier today, and his tanned skin was almost glowing invitingly. It wasn’t long before Jensen found his hands sliding up under Jared’s shirt.

Jared seemed to calm more at his touch, muscles relaxing as their skin rubbed together. They stood like that for a while, just soaking in each other’s comfort and presence, before Jared pulled away from him and dropped his phone on the nearest surface to free up his hands. Jensen tucked his into his pocket and then smiled awkwardly at Jared. "Okay, so."

"So." Jared said, then glanced up the stairs and shifted uncomfortably. The knowledge that he was probably wetting his boxers with slick caused Jensen to flatten his tongue to the roof of his mouth and press up to calm himself. Jared narrowed his eyes and refocused his gaze on Jensen distrustfully. Obviously, Jared wasn’t the only one releasing his scent to attract a potential mate anymore.

"If this is going to happen," Jared said, "we're going up to my bedroom. I’m not doing it in the hallway where anyone could walk in on us."

"Okay." Jensen took a deep breath and held out his hand for Jared's. Whether they’d ever thought about doing this together before or not, Jared was Jensen’s best friend, and he was going to make his first time perfect. Well, as perfect as he could under the circumstances.

When they reached Jared’s bedroom, Jensen pulled Jared to a stop and pushed him up against the doorjamb for a kiss. Jensen was surprised at how good Jared tasted and how quickly he went from brushing his lips against Jared’s to mapping out the inside of his mouth with his tongue. The wet, rough slide of their mouths together had Jared groaning helplessly and melting against him.

It wasn’t long before Jensen gave in and pressed the rest of his body against Jared’s. With his free hand, he pushed Jared’s shirt up to his chest and whined at his inability to get it pulled the rest of the way off. Jared made an impatient sound and pushed him roughly away.

Jensen growled menacingly at the Omega, lost in himself and the moment, but Jared only rolled his eyes and pulled his shirt off. Then he threw it in Jensen’s face.

"Hey!" said Jensen, startled. "I--oh." Jensen shook his head to rid himself of the swimmy, drunken sensations that had fallen over him somewhere between the front door and Jared’s bedroom. He wasn’t going to be able to concentrate for much longer at this rate.

"Get naked, Jensen," Jared ordered, and Jensen ignored him to press the soft cotton of Jared’s shirt up to his nostrils to take a deep whiff. The heavy sound of Jared’s sweats hitting the floor pulled him out of his trance, and he dropped the shirt to drink in the sight of his best friend stark naked.

Jensen didn’t even know how he got his clothes off, but in one moment he was gaping at Jared from the doorway, and in another moment he was pressing his best friend into the soft bedding and humping their dicks against each other. Jared panted into his ear and wrapped his fingers around Jensen’s hips to guide their movements.

Jensen sucked a bruising kiss onto Jared’s neck and then angled his head down between them to watch their cocks slide together. He thrust down again and again, watched Jared roll his eyes helplessly and make desperate noises, and froze when he felt himself start to swell.

There wasn’t time for staring anymore, Jensen thought, and slid his leg in between Jared’s thighs to open him up. Jared didn’t take much prompting; he tilted his hips up and spread his legs wide enough to have Jensen falling into him without even pausing in his frantic upward movements. Jensen slid his hand between them and touched Jared for the first time, unable to resist squeezing Jared’s balls and gliding his hand up Jared’s cock. He was gentler with Jared than he ever was with himself, but Jared just seemed to be pleased he was being touched.

So pleased, in fact, that his jaw had dropped and soft moans were spilling from his mouth. Jensen could have stayed there watching and listening to Jared fall apart forever, but he didn’t have enough time anymore. Not if he wanted to tie them together.

The thought of it, of making Jared his if even just for a little while, was intoxicating. Jensen wanted to bury himself in the taller boy and plant something inside of him that would keep them together for the rest of their lives. Jensen slid his hand further down between them, sliding first one finger then two into Jared’s opening. The scent coming from Jared was stronger there, and a mixture of sweat and an Omega’s natural lubrication saturated Jensen’s hand and pooled in his palm.

After a while of blocking out whatever he could of Jared’s desperate panting and moaning while he slicked himself up with Jared’s scent, Jensen finally fit them together and stilled Jared’s hips. "You ready, Jay?"

"Shut the fuck up, Jensen," Jared panted. "I thought you were here to help me out, huh?"

Startled at the trash talk, Jensen just stared at Jared in fascinated wonder.

"You gonna just sit there, Jen? Gonna make me wait? Gonna make me beg?" Jared taunted. "Not gonna. You wanna fuck me, Jen? Do it."

Jensen was pressing forward before he fully realized what he was doing. Jared sucked in his breath and groaned pathetically, pushing back against Jensen’s entry. Jensen grabbed his hips to hold Jared still while he eased inside. He moved as slowly as he could with Jared still trying to egg him on.

Jared seemed frantic by the time Jensen was fully inside of him. In a desperate move to get his lover to pick up the pace, Jared bore down on him and clenched his muscles rhythmically, releasing more of his heated scent. Jensen reacted quickly, nostrils flaring as he threw his head back and started fucking Jared harshly.

He didn’t know how long it took for his head to clear again, but when it did Jensen’s thrusting slowed and his hips took on a strange cadence. He’d never knotted inside of someone before, but his body instinctively knew how to join them together to satisfy Jared’s need.

"God, yes," Jared moaned, and Jensen dug into the edge of Jared’s bed with the toes of his feet. Finally, he began to swell up where they were joined. He humped Jared slowly while he grew inside the other boy, and mouthed at Jared’s sweaty neck. The taste was intoxicating and he felt as though he was finally where he was always meant to be.

When he was as big as he was going to get, Jensen drew to a halt and pulled back to test the tie. Jared pushed back to keep him locked inside.

Jensen reached his hand down between them to wrap around Jared’s cock, and Jared came around him after barely a touch.

Jensen's head cleared after a while, and he came around to find himself licking his saliva into a bite mark on Jared's neck. Beneath him, Jared was panting heavily enough that Jensen felt a quick pang of fear that he was crushing his best friend and scrambled to lift himself as far off of the bed as he could without totally disconnecting their bodies.

Jared stared up at him with wide, shocked eyes and reached his hand up between them to finger the rapidly darkening bruise.

The moment dragged on until Jared, with his usual carefree zest, grinned shyly and said, "So. Awkward."

"Totally," Jensen returned. He shifted to lean on his other forearm, and swore he could feel his fingers start to numb. "I think it's going to be a while."

Jared made a face and glanced down between them before his face turned a mottled, embarrassed red color. He coughed pointedly and looked around his room at anything except Jensen.

"Hey," Jensen said, and nudged Jared's ear with his thumb, "don't be weird. This is normal."

"Dude, turn your PSA voice off for a minute," Jared scrunched up his nose in distaste, "it's not attractive."

"Jared," Jensen sighed, "this is normal. I promise. And it's not going to change anything for either of us."

Jared looked skeptical and shifted, squeezing his muscles inadvertently and causing a shiver to race up Jensen's back as his cock blurted out what had to be the last of his come. "Stop that, please."

"What do you mean, nothing's going to change? What about this, huh?" Jared waved a hand to encompass his room, or the house, or maybe the whole world. "I'm pretty sure I never sat down and wished you'd fuck me. Before today, I mean."

"We'll still be friends, Jared," Jensen said, then gave up holding himself off of Jared and eased himself back down to wait their bodies out. "It's your first heat, no one will expect you to have thought about it."

Jared was silent for a little while, breathing evening out, before he angled his face into Jensen's neck and sighed heavily. "Promise?"

"I promise to always be your friend," Jensen vowed. "And if you think about it and want something... else. Well, I can be that too."

"What if I'm, you know?" Jared mumbled uncertainly into his neck.

"We'll deal with it if it happens," Jensen resisted the urge to pet at Jared's hair, knowing that he needed to give his best friend some space as soon as he could. "We'll get you locked up in here--you should be safe from other Alphas until my scent wears off--and I'll run to the drugstore to get something for you, and then we'll keep calling our parents until they come fix it. I'll stay with you," Jensen swallowed, "I promise."

Heaving another sigh, Jared ran his hand along Jensen's back and then up his arm until their fingers brushed, and slid his fingers between Jensen's. They stayed like that, clasped together, until the swelling went down.

They held hands for a little while longer.

* * *

Don't mind me, just cleaning up a little. You may have already read this over at the meme.

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