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Title: Conquest
Author: [personal profile] legion_of_zelda
Fandom: Supernatural RPS
Rating: Adult (Porn)
Kinks/Warnings: knotting, bottom!jensen, a/o trope
Summary: Answer to [ profile] take_the_knot meme prompt: "Omegas significantly outnumber alphas. Jensen has never had an alpha show interest in him, so he he doesn't immediately realize Jared wants to mate him. Humor, sexiness, pretty!Jensen." Which can be found in all of it's original glory here.

Jared Padalecki was following him around town, and Jensen had no idea why. He didn’t know how long it had been going on, but was hoping it might stop soon. Seeing those adorable dimples so often was damaging Jensen’s calm, and the Beta had responsibilities to the pack.

Well, okay, his duty was to be nanny to the Morgan Alpha’s pups while Jeffrey Dean and his Beta handled pack politics. Like any other Beta, Jensen had always dreamed he’d one day be looking after his own pups, but this job was really the next best thing. He’d come to terms with the fact that there weren’t nearly enough Alphas to go around shortly after hitting puberty, when he’d gone through his first heat and been forced to do it unassisted.

The world was a cruel, cruel place that forced so many Beta’s to suffer through such trials. Unassisted heats were a bitch and no amount of softly shaped silicone would ever help.

Like all good unclaimed Betas, Jensen put his head up and suffered in silence for the pack, channeling his frustrated libido into a never-ending supply of energy which he devoted wholly to his job. He didn’t have room in his life for anything else.

Until Jared Padalecki started following him around.

* * *

They say that there's nothing more productive than an unclaimed Beta, and it comes from a place of love. Really. Unclaimed Betas make up the majority of the pack's hunting party. They also cook for the pack and keep all of the dens clean. Their focus is legendary and their loyalty is unquestionable.

For a long while, the Alphas were encouraged to take more than one mate from a growing pool of Betas in hopes of encouraging the birth of more Alphas and evening up the population. This hadn't worked, as Betas soon began to monstrously outweigh the Alphas and it began to seem as though less Alphas were being brought up than ever before.

These days, Alphas mate for life, and an overwhelming majority of Betas die childless—a sad fate for some, but ultimately just Mother Nature's way of controlling their population. Pack scientists were still working on a way to genetically ensure the birth of an Alpha of course, but such tinkering didn't sit well with most of the pack.

In the particular case of Jeffrey Dean Morgan and his Beta, Samantha, Mother Nature had seen fit to bless them with four Beta pups and no Alphas. Two of the children are five, one is four, and the last is only eight months old. All of them are Jensen's to guard.

All of them are a handful.
* * *

The first time he'd met Jared Padalecki, Jensen had been bouncing baby Sam on his knee while keeping a suspicious eye on Dean, Bobby and Johnny as they played in a park near the Morgan property. Jared had been jogging on a nature trail and had burst through the tree line startling Jensen and setting off a sobbing fit in Sam.

The three boys in the sandbox scrunched up their noses and turned wide eyes on Alpha Padalecki. It was likely their first time scenting an Alpha who wasn't their father, and although Jensen had gotten his fair share of the scent in his lifetime, it never really got old. There was something primal and heady about the air in the presence of an Alpha that put you on the alert.

Jensen had broken off staring and begun comforting Sam. It was his abrupt halting of the bouncing knee that had upset the little boy in the first place, after all. He was so focused on this task that when the Alpha settled onto the bench next to him, Jensen barely noticed.

After Sam quit crying, though, he felt the Alpha’s presence and stiffened slightly in surprise. The boys had circled the bench slowly by way of the jungle gym and were now sitting at Jensen's feet, playing with one of Bobby's toy cars and throwing sneaky glances at the Alpha in their midst. Sam stared unreservedly at the Alpha, and reached out a tiny hand to try and touch him.

Jensen caught it in time and apologized profusely and then Alpha Padalecki grinned at him for the first time. The dimples had come out to shine and he leaned in close, giving Jensen a real good whiff of his scent.

"No problem, darlin'. The pups are cute, they yours?"

He had to be joking. Jensen, with pups of his own? Jensen rolled his eyes, "They're Alpha Morgan's, I'm looking after them."

"I'm Jared," Alpha Padalecki said, and then reached out and took Sam from Jensen's arms to kiss his fist and bounce him on his own knee. "Ever thought about having some of your own?"

Irritated (and just a little overprotective; he was, after all, a Beta), Jensen reached over and took Sam back from Jared. "I've never really thought about it. Excuse me, we have to be going."

As one, the boys came to their feet and said respectful goodbyes to the Alpha.

"Hey," Alpha Padalecki called out as they made their way out of the park, "wait! I don't know your name yet."

Jensen sighed. The boys were there, and it would be bad manners not to answer. He couldn't be teaching Alpha Morgan's children bad manners.

"It's Jensen." He shouted back, and then left.

* * *

He didn't think about him. Not really. At least, not seriously.

He fantasized, of course. It wasn't even the first time he'd fantasized about an Alpha. He'd fantasized about Jeff after he'd met him. Fantasy was likely the only way he'd ever get to be claimed.

But after their brief conversation in the park, Jensen fantasized about Jared Padalecki exclusively. He was pushing thirty, while Jared was still in his early twenties and had his choice of Betas of any age, shape or gender. There wasn't any way that Jared would have bothered to remember Jensen's name, let alone seriously consider claiming him.

So, he didn't entertain any serious thoughts of Jared Padalecki, but he fantasized. And then he went into heat, and broke his silicone knot, and had to go shop for another.

And ran into Jared Padalecki again.

* * *

"Is that the biggest they've got?" Came a voice from behind him and Jensen, startled, dropped the display model. It hit the floor and bounced a little, then rolled about three feet away to wedge under the shelf. He slipped down to his hands and knees, trying to fish it out, when the smell hit him.

Alpha Padalecki.

What the hell was he doing in an adult toy store? Why would an Alpha even need a toy?

Jensen stumbled to his feet and carefully placed the display model back on the shelf where it went. His body was flushed and the scent of an Alpha so close while he was in heat had his head spinning. He dared to look over at Alpha Padalecki, and up into his eyes.

They were gorgeous; warm hazel and drawn up at the edges because he was smiling. Grinning really, with the dimples flashing and teeth gleaming. Jared was leaning into him, giving Jensen the opportunity to get a big whiff of his smell and he couldn't help it.

Jensen swooned a little and leaned into Jared.

Then he remembered, and shoved back against the shelf, clearing his throat. "Hello, Alpha."

"Jensen. Call me Jared. So," Jared finally had the decency to step back as well and straighten up. "How's it going?"

Jensen was a little flummoxed. Surely Jared could smell the heat on him. Surely he could sense Jensen's desperation. "I'm shopping."

"I can see that," said Jared, amused. "Don't have the kids today?"

"No," of course not. "I'm on leave for my-- um. Can I help you with anything, Alpha?"

"Can I help you with anything, Jensen?" said Jared. The Alpha was watching him closely, eyes flitting over his body and nostrils flaring. Jensen stilled and felt immediately guilty. Of course Jared could smell his heat. He'd probably been in the shop before Jensen even arrived, distracted and throwing off pheremones like a first timer. He probably thought that Jensen had followed him in here, like some floozy little bitch looking to snare the Alpha with his scent and trick him into mating.

"Of course not, Alpha," Jensen protested while he slid along the wall away from Jared. "You know, I've really never even wanted to mate." Backing away, Jensen knocked into a display of handcuffs and winced as a few fell to the ground. "They say it's pretty painful the first time. And it's my responsibility to the pack to help care for Alpha Morgan's children, not procreate on my own." Jensen left the display tipped over and edged towards the door. "I've got to go, I'm sorry Alpha."

"Wait, Jensen!" Jared called after him, and Jensen rudely ignored him. Maybe he'd pay for it later, but for now he had to get out of the shop and away from Alpha Padalecki.

He couldn't believe he'd put on such a display in front of an Alpha.

* * *

The next time Jensen saw Jared was at the grocery, with all of the Morgan kids in tow. He was crouching down with the pups surrounding him explaining why they couldn't have ice cream for breakfast when the Padalecki Alpha towered over all of them.

"I have ice cream for breakfast all the time," Jared offered, beaming at the kids and extending a hand to Jensen to help him up. "It'll make you grow up big and strong like me."

"Big like you?" Dean asked, while John and Bobby just stared at Jared mistrustfully. Jensen was feeling a little mistrustful himself.

"Hello, Alpha Padalecki." Jensen said, and grabbed Dean's hand to hold it protectively. "How are you?"

"Much better now, Jensen. Please call me Jared." Jared picked up a carton of chocolate ice cream and placed it in Jensen's cart. "And what do you like to have for breakfast, if it isn't ice cream?"

Jensen's heart raced at the unwitting flirtation. Once his heat was over, he'd mustered up the courage to ask around about Jared Padalecki. He already knew that the Alpha was only 24, and unmated, but he discovered that Jared was also a practiced flirt. There were a string of young, hopeful Betas interested in the Alpha, and Jared was widely known as one of the most eligible bachelors in the area. There was no reason to believe that he was actually, truly interested in Jensen.

In fact, it was entirely likely that he was just being true to his nature, and had only been attempting to befriend Jensen and the Morgan boys. After all, Jared and Jeff moved in the same social circles, and Jared must have recognized the other Alpha's scent on his pups before he'd ever introduced himself to Jensen.

Still, it was difficult to tamp down on his emotions and prevent the spread of his own pheromones. The initial wave Jared must have gotten when they'd met combined with the almost certain barrage of Beta-in-heat signals Jensen had been giving off when they'd bumped into each other in the toy store had to have given Jared the entirely wrong impression. Jensen would have to rise to the occasion and show Jared that he wasn't interested at all.

He took a deep, calming breath and smiled evenly at Jared, forcing himself as still and serene as possible. "Coffee. I've never been much for big breakfasts."

Jared's smile wavered and his shoulders sagged in what could only be relief. Jensen's heart softened a little at the sight. There must be a tremendous amount of pressure on an Alpha to choose the best Beta to mate with. Jensen wondered, with so few Alpha's to be found, whether Jared had many acquaintances at all that were content to be 'just friends' with the strikingly handsome young man.

"That's a shame, I love a big breakfast. Bacon, eggs, toast. All the fixings." Jared shifted and redirected his gaze down the aisle and away from Jensen's gaze. "In fact, I love to eat, and my kitchen never stays stocked well enough. I'd better get back to my shopping."

Jensen, suddenly struck with an overwhelming need to befriend the other man, reached out a hand to stop him and almost tripped over Dean in his haste. "Wait!" Dean scrambled out of the way, and the kids all watched the adults in their midst with rapt fascination. "Wait, Jared! Um."

Jared turned back to them, glancing at the boys and then watching Jensen carefully.

"We could. Get together sometime? For breakfast?"

If anything, Jared's scrutiny became more suspicious. "Breakfast?"
"Yes! Sure. Just breakfast," Jensen backtracked, understanding that his wording needed to be delicate or he ran the risk of alienating Jared further. "I've never bothered with all the bells and whistles. I probably need a good friend to help me broaden my horizons."

Jared bit his lip--and Jensen bit his tongue to provide himself with a painful distraction--and nodded. "Sure. Is tomorrow too soon?"

Jensen breathed out, relieved. "Sure. I mean, no. No, it's not too soon."

"Just as friends?" Jared clarified, and then nodded to himself without waiting for an answer from Jensen. "I suppose it's worth a shot."

Jensen brightened considerably and gave Jared his number.

* * *

A few weeks later Jensen had seen more than enough of Jared to begin to relax in his presence. He was certainly more practiced in tamping down on his attraction around the other man, but the evenings of self-imposed calm whenever they hung out were taking a toll on Jensen's dreams. He'd never woken up so dissatisfied without a heat upon him before.

Prolonged exposure to Jensen hadn't put Jared off of him altogether yet, either. He'd managed to drag Jensen away from his duties early on this particular Friday afternoon by presenting himself at the Morgan household at three and sweet talking Sam and Jeff. He'd made big eyes at Sam, then he'd buddied up to Jeff, and at the end of it Jensen had been so disgusted at the display of charm the he took some convincing to leave with Jared at all.

"Where are we going, anyway?" Jensen asked, and Jared grinned at him.

"Out. I'm stepping up my game, Jensen. You're a tough cookie."

"Game? Tough?" Jensen slid into Jared's truck and shook his head. "You don't have to work so hard, you know. We're friends by now, right?"

Jared paused and shot him a look, "we're friendly, at least."

"See?" Jensen smiled down at his clasped hands. "Progress."

There was silence for a moment, and Jensen glanced over at Jared to see him smiling at him. Not that Jared ever stopped smiling, but this wasn't one of those wide, toothy grins. It was close-mouthed, soft and sincere, and they stared at each other for so long that Jensen began to feel uncomfortable. As his smile began to slip, Jared seemed to shake himself off. His smile widened and he winked at Jensen. "Wait until you see what I have in store for you."

* * *

What Jared had in store for him turned out to be a picnic in the same park where they'd met, which confused Jensen. "I already had lunch." He tried to peek at the contents of the basket Jared had pulled from the bed of his truck and got his hand slapped lightly for his curiosity.

"It's not lunch. There's a really nice clearing out here that I see on my run and I've always wondered what the sunset looks like there."

"The sunset?" Jensen looked around them at the deserted park. "It'll be hours before sunset."
"We can talk until then."

"Jared." Jensen came to a stop and, after a few more steps, so did Jared. "What's going on?"

Jared turned to face him and made a face before pulling from his basket a bottle of champagne and two glasses. "Sorry, thought I'd. Um."

Jensen stared at him, at the champagne in his hand, and made a confused noise. Jared sighed and, dropping the basket and placing the drinks and glasses in it, stepped forward into Jensen's space.

"Look," he took Jensen's hands. "I know you just wanted to be friends, but I have to try one more time. I have to tell you this. The first time I saw you, you were surrounded by those kids. I watched you from the tree line--"

Jensen opened his mouth to say something, he didn't know what.

"No, I know. That's creepy, but I didn't watch you for long and it was just that day and they love you. You're wonderful with them and you're beautiful and I didn't know what to do because you didn't give me the time of day and I love you."


"Don't you want some of your own? No. Don't tell me that, I know you never thought about it--"


"And these past few weeks," Jared cut him off, stumbling over his words as though he thought he wouldn't have enough time to say everything he needed to, "I know you just want to be friends, but I can't do that. I can't. Just--"

Jared cut himself off that time, slid his hands up Jensen's arms and cupped his face to hold it still for a kiss. Their noses brushed and Jensen breathed in deeply before their lips touched, dragging against each other. He licked his lips reflexively and Jared deepened the kiss, following his tongue and tipping his head back between his palms to get better access. He tasted rich and sweet and Jensen didn't even try to stop the kiss, chased him when Jared began to draw back, and whimpered as they broke apart.
"Jared,” he whispered.

"I love you. I know it's hasn't been very long but I do. I know it. I can't stop thinking about you. Say something!"

Jensen laughed, head spinning, and pulled out of Jared's grip. "I don't know what to say!"

"Say you love me back! Say you'll be with me, let me have you. Say you'll be mine and make a family with me. I know--" Jared cut him off again before Jensen could say anything, "you've never thought about it. Say you'll think about it!"

Jensen laughed again and brought his hand up to touch his lips. They were still warm and tingling. "I'll think about it."

"Okay!" Jared smiled, then laughed, then hugged him and kissed him again, briefly. "Great."

* * *

"What in the world do you have to think about?" Samantha asked him the next morning after pulling him away from the children.

"I have work to do, you know."

"Eh, they'll be fine," she said, and then winced when Sam started screaming. They both looked over to see John looking abashed as Dean dropped to his knees to comfort the young pup. "See? Fine."

"Uh-huh." Jensen watched the kids for a minute, seeing Bobby pull John away to a corner of the playroom as Dean sat down to play patty-cake with Sam. They were all so stupidly cute, and Jensen ached a little to know that they weren't his. "About kids."
"What about them?" Sam handed him a cup of coffee and pulled him out of the room and into the kitchen.

"Do I want any."

"Is he stupid?" She laughed at Jensen's offended glare, "Seriously. You love kids! Well, you love my kids, and they’re a nightmare, so you must love kids a great deal in general.”

"If you didn't know where I lived I'd have kidnapped them a long time ago."

"Please take them," she laughed. "I won't argue."

"It's a misunderstanding, that's all." Jensen sighed and blew on his coffee. "Jared thinks I don't want kids."


"Because I sort of implied it." He winced at her scoff, "I don't know! I thought he thought I was scenting him because I wanted to mate, but really I was just in heat. I didn't want him to get the wrong impression."

"What wrong impression? That you wanted him to drag you to his place and never let you go? What's wrong with that? Jeff and I did it." She grinned nostalgically, "I never even packed up my apartment, we just holed up together here until I was too pregnant to move."

"Yes! No! I don't know. I didn't want him to think I was throwing myself at him. It's degrading. I didn't think he'd be interested in me at all."

"Why not? And why does it matter now?" When he didn't answer, she took his coffee cup away and held it over her head as hostage.

He blew a frustrated breath out and growled. "I don't. I. I'm too old."

She laughed at him, and handed his coffee back, "He doesn't think you're too old. What did you say he said? You're beautiful."

"It's not about how I look," Jensen said. "I don't have very many childbearing years left in me. What if I can't give him the family he wants me to think about?"

Sam was quiet for a moment before squeezing his shoulder in sympathy. "Okay, I get that I think. You don't want to be responsible for ruining his only chance to be a father, right?"

Relieved, Jensen nodded. "Alpha's mate for life."
"Beta’s mate for life too," She pointed out, then sipped at her coffee and hummed thoughtfully. "Do you love him?"

Surprised, Jensen looked anywhere but at her. "Well. Yes. I guess I do."

"You guess?"

He rolled his eyes at her, "I do. I love him."

"Great. Now go tell him," she took his coffee cup away from him, again, and patted his ass to get him moving quickly, "and let the man make his own decisions."

He took a few steps towards to front of the house before he knew what he was doing. "But what if he changes his mind?"

Sam gripped his shoulder tightly, and then propelled him quickly to the front door, "love is a gamble, Jensen. Now, good luck!"

The door slammed cheerfully shut behind him.

* * *

Jensen loitered outside of Jared's house long enough to feel really creepy before he rang the doorbell. The door opened abruptly while his finger was still pressed to the button, and Jared grinned out at him and leaned against the jam.

"I missed you."

"Uh," Jensen blushed and stared at the Alpha. Jared looked good. "I guess you did, huh?"

"It hasn't even been like a day, but I haven't slept and I can't stop thinking about you--"

"Jared!" Jensen laughed awkwardly. "Are you going to invite me in?"

"Yes!" Jared beamed at him and stepped back, opening the door wider. When Jensen stepped through the door, though, he stepped forward and closed it behind Jensen's back, crowding him up against the polished wood. "I'm sorry, I don't know what you're going to say and I have to do this first."

"Jare--" Jensen's disbelief was muffled by Jared's lips. It was the same kiss as before, the same smell and taste. Jared's hands framed his face and held Jensen where Jared wanted him and he reeled inside at the thought of being held down in other ways by those same hands.

Jensen knew he should stop Jared, knew that he was only leading him on more than ever, but he wanted it too. If this conversation went the way Jensen feared it would then he might never feel this way again. He might never feel this rush in his veins again or the tingle coursing down his spine. He couldn't stop himself. He surged up against Jared, slid his hands up Jared's back, and licked his teeth.

They stood like that for a while, both of them fighting for control of the kiss. Finally, Jensen shoved them apart and slid down the door breathing heavily. "Okay, thanks."

"Geeze," Jared laughed and backed away a few steps before offering his hand, "You're welcome. Let's go sit in the den and talk."

Jensen soon found himself seated in the den, far away from where Jared stood waiting patiently. He licked his lips and savored the taste before staring down at his feet, unwilling to watch Jared reject him after all. "I'm old, Jared."

Jared laughed, but Jensen kept his head down and stared at the carpet until Jared figured he was serious. "Jen."

"It's why I didn't think you were interested in me. My ability to bring children to bear diminishes every year, Jared. And I'm old."

"You're not ancient, Jen. You're, what, twenty-six?"

"Twenty-nine," said Jensen, "In another year or so I probably won't even be able to get pregnant." Jensen looked up at him, against his better judgement. He had to meet Jared's eyes. He had to make him understand. "You know that we wouldn't have enough time to start a family. I can't do that to you. I lied when I said I haven't thought about it, because I have. I have thought about it. But I can't make this decision, Jared, because it's your decision."

* * *

Jared blew out a breath and moved to sit beside Jensen. He took Jensen's hands and folded them in with his own before speaking. "If it's my decision, then I pick you. But Jensen, I don't think it is just mine to make. Do you know why Alphas stopped taking on more than one Beta?"

Jensen nodded.

"Really? It's because, without affection between the Alpha and Beta, there's less chance of conception. Here's the thing, Jen. I know that it hasn't been a long time, but I've met a lot of Betas and never felt for any of them the way that I feel about you. Whatever our chances of having a family--and don't get me wrong, I'd love one--but whatever those chances might be? I'll take them. Because I do love you, and I can't imagine trying it with anyone else." Jared squeezed Jensen's hand.

Jensen pulled in a shocked breath and looked up to stare at Jared. "Really?"

"Really. But you haven't told me yet if this goes both ways. I'm hoping you wouldn't come over here and bring all this up if you didn't love me just a little, but put me out of my misery, Jen. Do you think you could love me?"

Jensen stared a little, then, "Are you sure?"

"Jensen," Jared said, then walked to him and pulled him up, "Stop asking me if I'm sure. I'm sure. I've always been sure."

Dazed, Jensen leaned into Jared and breathed him in, knowing that it wouldn't feel real until everything was said and done. "Then I'm sure too. And..." Jared just looked at him, waiting helplessly. "Yes. Yeah, I love you."

Jared whooped, grinning, and kissed him. "Yes! Great! Did you pack a bag?"

Dizzy, Jensen smiled and shook his head, "No. Do I need one?"

"I guess not," Jared kissed him again and tugged down onto the couch, "I guess you can sleep naked. That works for me."


"What? I'm not waiting now." Jared stopped and kissed him again. "We're doing this before you change your mind. Okay?"

"Jared," Jensen said, then smiled up at him from the couch cushions. "I'm not going to change my mind. If you're sure--"

"I am."

"--and I'm sure, then I don't see why we should wait."

Jared grinned and kissed him again, and then stuck his hand down Jensen's pants.


"Mine," said Jared, and leaned in to seal their mouths together and cut off any possible protests from Jensen. He bit Jensen's lip wrapped his hand around Jensen's dick, tugging at it lightly and pulling a groan out of his soon-to-be mate. "Did you ever find a replacement?"

"What?" Jensen panted, and tried to move Jared's shirt up off his waist. He couldn't get it off with Jared blocking his way with his arms, but he could reveal enough skin to get his fingers on hot flesh. "Replacement?"

"For your dildo?" Jensen groaned and Jared shimmied down the couch to free up his other hand. He unzipped Jensen's pants and pulled them down to his knees with his underwear, then blew on the head of Jensen's quickly purpling cock and mouthed at his thigh before pulling of to ask, "I keep thinking about it. Whether you have one anymore, or how big your last one was. What color. If you blush when you're alone with it the way you did in the store. I wasn't even supposed to be in there."

"What?" Jensen asked, then shoved at Jared's head, pushing it back down into his lap, "Shut up. Talk later."
* * *

"Okay," Jared said, and took Jensen in his mouth. Jensen's vision swam for a moment as Jared licked, sucked, and settled into a bobbing rhythm. It didn't take long before Jensen began to swell at the base of his cock, and Jared backed off, staring in bemusement at the slight protuberance. His fingers grazed it, his grip growing firmer towards the tip of Jensen's dick, and he swallowed. "I've never seen one before."

"A dick?" Jensen huffed and struggled out from under Jared, "Don't you have one?" He teased. "I was promised a mating."

Jared growled and grabbed at Jensen, before he realized that Jensen was only trying to get naked. "I meant a Beta's. I mean, I knew it was kind of the same, but I didn't know it swelled up like that."

"It can't, you know," Jensen blushed, again, and now that he was naked Jared could see that the blush went almost everywhere and he pretty much stopped listening to the words coming out of Jensen's mouth. "It can't really plug anything up. And whatever comes out doesn't--where are you going?"

"Lube!" Jared called behind him as he left the room in a hurry, struggling with his own zipper as he went. It took him a few minutes to return, time that Jensen spent folding his clothes and placing them on the coffee table, feeling himself blush even more brightly at the realization that he was naked and alone in an Alpha's home, about to be mated. Getting everything he'd ever dreamed of and discounted a long time ago.

By the time Jared returned--minus his shirt, with his pants hanging off of his hips--Jensen had almost convinced himself the whole thing was a huge mistake. Jared must have seen something in his eyes and wasted no time pressing him back down into the couch, kissing his chest and up his neck.

"Are you still sure?" Jared mumbled into his ear, and Jensen melted against him again.

"As long as you're still sure."

Jared huffed in annoyance and bit down--hard--on Jensen's neck. The flash of wicked pain and the following soreness caused Jensen to whine and rub up against Jared. "What the hell, Jared? Are you some kind of caveman?"

"Listen to me, Jen," Jared said, biting him again over the same mark before continuing. "In the morning you're going to crawl out of my bed for a shower while I make you coffee, and you're going to feel me with every step and see that bite when you look in the mirror."

Jensen swallowed and whined again, unable to stop his hips from moving against the Alpha's leg braced over him.

"And when you see that, and feel it, you're going to know that I'm absolutely sure of myself. If I have to keep biting you to prove it, I can do that."

With a laugh, Jensen shook his head. "That's okay. Did you find the lube?"

Jared brandished the tube triumphantly before handing it over. "Get yourself ready, and I'll just be over here, taking off my clothes."

Jensen groaned and bit his lip, torn. If he rolled over to get a better angle at getting himself ready for penetration, he wouldn't be able to watch Jared get naked. On the other hand, if Jared's size was any indication, Jensen would need as much lube as he could get to take his knot.

He compromised, and sat up to reach back for his entrance while watching Jared strip. "You're going to have to finish this up for me," Jensen purred, a little surprised at himself. "I want to feel your fingers in me."

With a muffled groan, Jared shucked his underwear and fisted his erection, squeezing it tightly to ward off a premature knotting. If Jared formed too early, before he was inside of Jensen, they'd be forced to wait hours for it to go down before trying again to mate.

"Shut up, Jen," He growled, then stumbled back over the couch and pushed his Beta down onto it. "Hand it over."

Wide-eyed, Jensen did as he was asked, and gasped as Jared took hold of his legs and pulled until he slid onto his back. Jared placed Jensen's legs on his wide shoulders and leaned in until Jensen was spread eagle beneath him, flushed and panting disbelievingly. With one hand, Jared pulled Jensen's ass up and a little apart. With the other, Jared squeezed what was left of the tube onto and into the twitching hole.
It was warm still from Jensen's hands, but still shocking enough to feel all over his skin that he was having trouble breathing even before Jared slid two fingers through the mess that tried to escape and pushed it back in.

"Jared?" Jensen gasped, then twisted and nearly bit his tongue when Jared responded to his earlier taunt by slipping three fingers inside of him to the hilt, widening their span and working him open. "Unh! God!"

Jensen naturally relaxed quickly as his arousal grew, and it didn't take long before he was pushing back on Jared's fingers and whining at his Alpha to bury himself in his body. There wasn't any more time for doubt or discussion.

Jared, apparently agreeing, pulled his fingers out and cupped Jensen's ass in his hands, holding Jensen steady when the Beta's body would much rather wriggle mindlessly. Jared held himself at the entrance to Jensen's body and pushed slowly in, savoring the feeling of finally connecting with his Beta.

It takes a few thrusts for Jensen to get used to the sensation--Jared is nothing like his trusty silicone dildo, and he can't even imagined what the knot will feel like--but before long Jared is holding his hips and pulling him up onto his dick. They're both panting and groaning, and Jensen felt relaxed and satisfied, but something was still missing, something kept them from coming.

Jared must have sensed it too, because soon his hips moved faster and his body fell more heavily onto Jensen, stretching his still wide legs back and causing a deep, wicked burn in his thighs. With one viscous, final thrust, Jared exhaled noisily and held them together, his fingers digging deeply into Jensen's hips, and they both panted as his knot grew.

Jared slowly ballooned inside of him, the sensation strange and welcome and nothing like his soon to be retired silicone knot. The pressure against the inside of Jensen's body was overwhelming, and soon Jensen was humping back against his Alpha, delirious and needy, moaning as he tested the tie.

Jared groaned deeply into his neck, whimpering every time Jensen humped back onto his knot desperately. Once knotted, an Alpha was notoriously oversensitive, and Jared would hang on the edge of orgasm until after Jensen came himself and settled down to accept him. "Please, Jensen!" Jared mumbled, hands skimming over his Beta's sensitive skin, hoping to get through to Jensen in the hazy last moments of mating.

Finally overcome, Jared bit down on Jensen again and Jensen's screamed wordlessly, clenching around him. Neither of them knew anything for a while, but soon Jensen found himself shivering in Jared's arms, burrowing into him for warmth as his Alpha made pleased noises and kissed any swathe of skin he could reach.

Satisfied and full, Jensen tilted his head for a kiss from his Alpha.

"Love you," he mumbled.

Jared made a pleased sound, hugged him tight, and grinned into his neck.


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Date: 2012-04-07 08:36 pm (UTC)
zelamorre: (Default)
From: [personal profile] zelamorre
Oh, That was so adorable!

I particularly liked the way that the pups acted. So cute! Especially with how John made Sammy cry, and Dean fixed it.

And poor verklempt Jensen! So clueless and sweet!


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