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Title: Fake It Till You Make It
Author: [personal profile] legion_of_zelda
Fandom: Supernatural RPS
Rating: Adult (Porn)
Kinks/Warnings: knotting, werewolves, little bit of bondage, bottom!Jensen
Summary: Hunter!AU. Jared hasn’t had a date since he found out he was suffering from unfortunate side effects thanks to his last relationship. A one night stand with the hottest guy he’d ever seen, though? He’ll take that risk.

Author's Note: This is an entry for [livejournal.com profile] spn_xmas, for [livejournal.com profile] ajap1991. She asked for something short, and her prompt for me is at the bottom of this entry to prevent spoiling the story ahead. Enjoy!

Jared had six foot one of leanly muscled Texas boy pressed up against the wall of his apartment hallway, knees locked over Jared’s hips and ass pressing back against Jared’s crotch helplessly. It was surreal, and Jared still didn’t quite know how it had happened, but he’d decided at least halfway through the walk home that he was just going to go with it and not question his good luck.

Jensen was from out of town, and he'd sidled up to Jared in the middle of Dirk's and given him a smooth head to toe glance before holding out his hand to shake. His grip was firm and his smile was soft and Jared was instantly distracted by his striking green eyes. They made small talk, Jensen was originally from Texas and Jared still had a little bit of his daddy's good ol' boy drawl. No, Jared didn't usually hang out in this bar, but his buddy Chad just HAD to have a look at his competition for Sophia Bush's loving attentions, so he'd been dragged along.

Whatever Jensen's job was that had brought him to Cold Creek, it was apparently frustrating enough that he'd decided to take the night off and come down to Dirk's to blow off some steam. His motel was clear across town, but the guy at the front desk has assured him that Jeffrey Dean had the best beer on tap in town. Jared's apartment was only two blocks over.

It wasn't a very tough decision to abandon Chad to his romantic machinations, even if it was totally against character for Jared to take a stranger home to sleep with. There was just something about Jensen that got Jared's heartbeat racing and his common sense ready to take a chance.

Jared left Jensen’s jeans in the front hallway, and his shirt in the living room, but saved his underwear for the floor at the foot of his bed.

His mouth was wrapped around Jensen’s cock before he knew it, the taste of Jensen’s precome causing him to salivate. Jensen spread his fingers through Jared’s hair and leaned back, groaning deeply as his breath picked up.

“Why am I the only naked person in the room?” Jensen gasped, and Jared just grinned up at him from between his knees.

Jared pressed his tongue into the line of Jensen’s cock, dragging it up under the flared cock head before pressing down as far as he could go and starting to suck. Jensen started pulling at his hair pretty quickly after that and urging him up onto the bed.

“Let’s go, big boy,” Jensen breathed up at him, “let’s do this.”

Jared scrambled over to his nightstand to pull out a condom, and had a brief moment of hesitation whether it would even work before deciding that it would do as long as he pulled out way before he was actually ready to come.

The tube of lube was more straightforward, and Jared used one, then two, then three fingers to get Jensen ready for him before he started to undo his jeans.

“Turn over,” he ordered Jensen, and Jensen pouted at him before complying.

“I wanted to see it, felt huge,” Jensen complained.

“It’ll feel even bigger in a minute,” Jared said, then finished undoing his button. He rolled the condom as far down onto himself as he could before sliding his cock-head in.

Jensen moaned deeply as Jared pushed in further, “Oh, God.”

Jared started to thrust slowly, keeping a close eye on his currently totally normal dick while he aimed carefully for Jensen’s prostate. A wet, plaintive moan from the man beneath him signaled when he succeeded, and Jared grinned at nothing before starting to fuck Jensen properly.

It didn’t take long before Jensen started to push back against him, head arching down and hand reaching down to jerk himself off.

Jared was pretty certain he had the whole thing under control until Jensen started to come, and in his rapture, pushed frantically back against Jared’s dick where it was starting to balloon at the base.

The panic that shot through Jared at that did little to stave off the beginning of his own orgasm, and he shouted out Jensen’s name as he pushed him down and thrust with abandon. He couldn’t stop it, the knot wasn’t quite big enough to be kept forcefully out yet and Jensen was so hot inside.

He heard Jensen’s moans ratchet up a notch in volume, desperate and turned on by the unforeseen event. Jensen pushed back again, delirious with arousal while Jared stopped thinking altogether.

Soon, the bright blinding whiteness of orgasm receded and Jared looked down to discover himself caught inside of Jensen, plugging up the beautiful man beneath him. The condom was making a valiant attempt to stay together under the onslaught of Jared’s come, no doubt ballooning strangely within Jensen’s ass and Jared hoped, hoped, hoped that Jensen couldn’t really feel it.

He let the silence stretch on for a few minutes while he came, and when Jensen didn’t say anything, or freak out terribly, he took a chance. “Uh. Jensen?”

No response except for a soft snore.

Jared was painfully relieved. Jensen had said at the bar that he’d been working really hard over the last few weeks, and implied that all he’d needed to relax was a good hard fucking, but Jared hadn’t ever slept with someone who could fall asleep so quickly after orgasm.

Still, considering the amount of clean-up he was going to have to do in a moment, the whole situation was a win for Jared.

* * *

Jared woke up slowly to a dull, throbbing pain around his wrists and ankles. His head was groggy and he felt sore all over, but he didn't think to panic until he heard the sound of a gun being cocked.

"Jensen?" He said sleepily. And there he was, standing at the foot of Jared's bed dressed only in his worn in jeans rescued from the front hallway. It was a sexy sight to see, but not distracting enough to keep Jared from noticing the gun trained on him and the unhappy tilt to Jensen's mouth. "What the hell?"

Jensen's mouth tightened and all traces of emotion washed from his face. "You killed those girls, Jared. Didn't you think anyone would catch on?"

"What girls?" Jared asked, his head starting to clear but his confusion only growing. "I never hurt anyone, Jensen what the hell is going on?" He pulled gingerly at the cuffs, expecting them to snap under the pressure of his supernatural strength, shocked when searing pain spread up his arms.

He choked and gasped against it, inadvertently pulling his legs up into a protective curl only to hiss again at the sting of pain from the shackles on his ankles.


"How'd you know?"

Jensen snorted, obviously disgusted with him, and Jared felt a pang of hurt go through him that had nothing to do with the restraints. This. This was why he didn't date anymore.

"Your cock," Jensen snapped, then flushed with obvious embarrassment. As though he couldn't believe that he'd let Jared fuck him in the first place. "Maybe you thought I didn't notice, but it wasn't exactly normal."

"It's a genetic deformity," Jared tried, and lay back onto his bed, no longer fighting the shackles.

"And the fact that the silver in those cuffs hurts like hell, Jared?" Jensen asked. He shook his head, "Nope, not buying it. I bet that when I shoot you with the bullets in this gun--they're special, you know. Silver--it'll hurt a hell of a lot worse."

Hot, desperate panic roared through Jared at the threat, and he couldn't help himself, he begged. "Please, Jensen. I didn't hurt you, and I don't know what you know about people like me--"

"Werewolves," Jensen spat.

"Right, werewolves. But I never hurt anyone. I wouldn't." Jared trailed to a stop and stared, pleadingly at Jensen. Prayed he'd lower the gun.

"Oh, yeah? Tell it to Jenna Simpson or Katie Davis. You remember? Those sorority girls you killed last month?"

"Uh, no?" Jared said. "No, I never hurt anyone."

Frustrated, Jensen lowered the gun for a second and glared hatefully at Jared. "Tell it to someone else, Jared. I'm not buying it. How many werewolves can there even be in a town as small as this one?”

“Um.” Jared started, then ground to a halt. He considered Jensen carefully, and bit his lip before looking back down. “At least one more,” he admitted. “I uh, I got bit last year.”

“I’m not buying it,” Jensen muttered, but put his weapon down and went back to digging through the things in Jared’s night stand. Now that the immediate danger was over, Jared finally had a chance to look around his bedroom. The place was a shamble, his clothes pulled out of his drawers and strewn all over the floor and his desk wrecked. Jensen had obviously been at his search for a while.

Jared struggled to defend himself again, because Jensen didn’t exactly seem convinced that he was a good guy.

“No, really. I wasn’t born like this. It was my ex, Michael, he--”

“Michael Weatherly?” Jensen asked sharply. “That douche over at Castro’s?”

Castro’s was a local burger joint. And douche, in retrospect, was an accurate description of Jared’s ex-boyfriend. He was still feeling defensive though, so he grumbled, “He’s not that bad.”

“Man, he is that bad. You dated that guy?” Jensen studied Jared carefully. “You got any proof?”

“That I dated him?” Jared asked. “Uh...”

Well, there was the tape. The sexy naked tape that had gotten him through many a dateless night before he’d taken Jensen home. Actually, his paranoia on that account had been well deserved, considering he’d woken up to a hostage situation.

“Are you going to let me go if I can?” Jared asked.

“Not unless you can prove you weren’t involved in those murders.” Jensen said, and bent to pick up his trash can. He looked into it, and then looked back at Jared disbelievingly. Oh, yeah. The condom.

“I didn’t know those girls!” Jared said. “And I don’t really read the depressing news. Just the comics. Uh. When did they happen?”

“You don’t have to know someone to kill them, Jared. And last Wednesday.” Jensen set the trash can back down and backed away from it, obviously not wanting to study it any longer.

Last Wednesday Jared had been sitting on his couch watching the Golden Girls marathon on Lifetime, and there was no way he was going to tell someone like Jensen about that.

“Don’t you have to prove me guilty, rather than me prove my innocence?”

Jensen looked over at him darkly, “They don’t prosecute werewolves in the U.S. If killing you is the only chance I have to stop you from doing it again, then I’m sorry, Jared. I’ll do what I have to do.”

“You could just keep an eye on me,” Jared said, and tried to look as adorable as possible when Jensen raised an eyebrow at him.

Jensen sighed.

* * *

“I can’t believe I’m doing this,” Jensen grumbled, glaring over his shoulder at Jared who smiled innocently back at him.

“Breaking into Michael’s house?” Jared asked. Jared couldn’t believe they were doing it either. Once Jensen had started talking about his case--Jared’s handsome stranger was a monster hunter--it became obvious that Michael was at least peripherally involved in the deaths.

The police report that Jensen had obtained mentioned that Michael had been questioned extensively about his whereabouts on the night the two girls had died. His alibi was non-existent, and he had been seen hitting on one of the girls all night while waiting their table at Castro’s. The other girl had even complained to Michael’s manager about him, and he would have been a prime suspect if the coroner’s report hadn’t pretty much discounted the murder charge altogether. Now, how the police were planning to explain a wild animal attack in the middle of town, in a closed and locked apartment, was a mystery to Jared.

“No,” Jensen said, and, right, they were having a conversation. “I can’t believe I’m working with a werewolf.” Jensen pulled himself through the bedroom window of Michael’s house. Jared had used his super awesome werewolf hearing to ascertain that Michael wasn’t actually at home.

Jared was a little bit offended. If this was going to work out for him at all, Jensen was going to have to let go of some of that prejudice about the werewolf thing. The guy still had a gun full of silver bullets that he was threatening to use on Jared if he made one wrong step.

“Look,” Jared started, but cut himself off when he heard a shuffle just beyond the bedroom door. He reached out to pull Jensen to him, but did ’t manage to get them somewhere hidden before the door opened and Michael stepped through.

Or, at least, Jared assumed it was Michael. He was in his werewolf form, a huge hulking mass of sinewy muscles and long, dangerous claws. The creature was covered in blood. The deep, dark red ichor dripped with heavy splats onto the faded blue carpet and Jared felt his stomach roil in disgust.

“Michael?” He whispered. Sure, the guy was a jerk, but Jared had. Well. At one point, Jared had loved him. To think that the man was capable of the type of slaughter that Jensen had described to him was awful. To see the proof of it dribbling from his cavernous mouth was terrifying.

Jensen didn’t hesitate. Michael’s head whipped up at the sound of Jared’s voice and he growled menacingly at them. His muscles tensed up, but there was a loud report, and before Michael’s could spring at them, Jensen had fired a silver bullet right between his eyes.

In the days and weeks after Michael had infected him with the weirdest STD on Earth, Jared had considered suicide. He’d wondered what would happen if he died while he was transformed, and he’d always thought that he’d somehow magically change back into his human self.

Michael didn’t change back, though. He howled forlornly, and staggered forward on his hind legs before crumpling into a heap on the bedroom floor.

“Oh my God,” Jared breathed, while Jensen moved forward to check the creature’s pulse. That could have been him. If he hadn’t met Jensen at Dirk’s and taken him home, Jensen could have found him out some other way and killed him before he could even defend himself.

Jensen glance back at him, and smiled encouragingly, gesturing with the gun. “It’s okay, Jared. He’s dead.”

Jared held his hands up and breathed deeply.

Jensen frowned, then looked down at his gun before holstering it in the waistband of his jeans. He took a step back towards Jared, but drew to a stop when Jared backed up into the window pane. His mouth tightened up and he shook his head.

“Come on, Jared. We need to get out of here. The neighbors probably heard that.”

“What?” Jared said, startled. “We can’t just leave him here! What’ll the cops do?”

“They’ll call animal control, Jared. Let’s go!” Jensen pushed at him until Jared finally threw his leg over the window sill and eased back onto the ground outside of Michael’s house. “Animal control will report they found some huge wolf, and no one will recognize the genus, and then they’ll get rid of it and that will be the end of it.”

“What about Michael?” Jared couldn’t conceive of what might happen to his ex’s body. “What if they want to study him?” He was starting to get freaked out.

“Jared, calm down. And keep your voice down!” Jensen pushed at him until they reached the car again. They’d parked a block away from the house, to stay out of sight of the neighborhood, in case someone ever did want to look into the shooting. “They’ll report Michael missing, and maybe they’ll cut him open to look for… evidence. You can’t possibly think no one’s ever caught on that werewolves are real.”

Jared gaped at him incredulously. “I never heard of them before Michael.”

“That doesn’t mean that the right people don’t know, Jared.” Jensen sighed. “He was covered in blood.”

Jared finally noticed that he hadn’t dropped his hands, and lowered them into his lap. “Do you think…”

Jensen looked over at him. “I think he killed somebody else. Damn it.” Jensen thumped the steering wheel, clearly angry with himself. “If I hadn’t let myself get distracted. Damn it!”

“Hey,” Jared reached a hand over and caught Jensen’s shoulder, “You couldn’t have known it was Michael. You’re not… it’s not your fault. I should’ve known though.” He’d been thinking about it since they’d started the drive over to Michael’s place. He’d known that Michael was a werewolf and that he could be violent. If he’d been paying attention, he could have taken care of Michael before Jensen even came for hurting those girls.

Maybe he could have even stopped him.

Jensen gazed at him from the driver’s seat, making no move to start the car and drive him back to his place. “You might not have been able to stop him, either.”

“But I didn’t even try,” Jared said. “I didn’t even think about it.” He shook his head. “I should have.”

“Maybe you should have,” Jensen said, then cleared his throat. “You could, um. You could come with me.”

“What?” Jared looked up from where he’d been frowning guiltily at his hands. “Where?”

“On the road,” Jensen said, and looked away from him while he made the offer. “You could come hunt with me. We could—“

“We could fight crime together?” Jared smiled softly, not really feeling better, but at least a little amused.

Jensen sighed.

“I don’t know if I like the idea of hunting my own… my own kind.”

“There are other things besides werewolves out there, Jared.” Jensen said. “And anyway, I only go after things that hurt people. You’re okay, aren’t you?”

Jared lifted his arm to display the angry red line around his wrist where the silver cuffs had been fastened. “Mostly.”

“Yeah, uh.” Jensen cleared his throat. “Sorry about that.”

There was a stretched out moment of complete silence while Jared thought about it.


“Really?” Jensen enthused, then coughed and tried to look serene. Jared just kept smiling at him. “I guess it’s been a little lonely. And, the uh. The sex thing. The. Your cock.” Jensen flushed deeply and knocked his head back against his headrest. Obviously he hadn’t meant to say the last part.

“What about my cock?” Jared asked innocently.

“Shut up,” Jensen muttered. And started the car.

* * *

Prompt: One where Sam/Jared -again, J2 or Wincest- is a supernatural creature -not hurting/killing people- but is in a town where another SPN creature like them who is. Then Dean/Jensen, thinking its Sam/Jared is the killer and tries to kill them but Sam/Jared convinces Dean/Jensen that it wasn't him and they end up together (Preferred Rating: NC-17)

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That was great! I am so glad Jared was able to convince Jensen that he was not the killer.


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