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2011-04-26 05:24 pm

RE Stop Shot Sequel

Due to unforeseen issues in the real world, April has been incredibly hectic for me, and I haven't gotten a thing written. As a result, I won't be able to make the first Big Bang deadline.

Never fear, if you're waiting on a Stop Shot sequel, May will be dead for me. VERY DEAD. As in, I'll have nothing better to do than write. This means that little should change. I think the posting date for Big Bang is in June, and I anticipate being able to post right around that time, just without any wonderful accompanying art.

I might even try to get it posted before Big Bang, since I know the comms will be flooded with awesome fic and art for a while afterwards. Anywho, just wanted to update anyone wondering if/when Stop Shot's sequel will be out.
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2011-02-17 06:00 pm
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Present tense vs. past tense. Is present tense annoying to read, or does it make the action going on in the story immediate, and therefore more impactful. Well, 'impactful' isn't a word, but you know what I mean?
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2011-02-17 05:41 pm
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Getting in Touch

You can hit me up on AIM if you want to at lozwrts@aim.com.
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2011-01-26 07:38 pm

Stop Shot sequel

Just signed up for [livejournal.com profile] spn_j2_bigbang and I intend to post the sequel to Stop Shot as my entry. I don't even really feel like a dirty cheater, considering I've scrapped the rough drafts of this story several times now. A deadline might just be what I need.

I have a vague outline, and a whole lot of AU!lore developing, but I'm going to need a beta. And also someone to potentially bounce ideas off of. Or even someone who's so awesome they can do both.

If you're interested please drop me a line here, and if there aren't any takers I'll hit up the spn/j2 beta communities (wherever they are?) closer to posting time.

Thanks in advance, sweethearts!